One Day of Web Interactions

Blog Post 1: One Day of Web Interactions by Meredith Denby

My cell phone is the last thing I see before I go to bed and the first thing I see when I wake up. But is this a bad thing? I would like to think that I could stop this habit of mine, but technology seems too necessary for my daily life that I couldn’t go without it. My days always start with the obnoxiously loud alarm that is set on my phone. I’ve never been able to hop out of bed right when my alarm goes off, so the snooze button has become my best friend in the morning. After snoozing, I will grab my phone and check my texts and Snapchats from the night before. Sometimes I lose track of time while I scroll through social media and completely forget that I have to wake up and get to class. After getting out of bed, my phone has already taken up the majority of my time awake. As I get ready for class, I like to play soothing music on my Spotify to start my morning. Then as I walk to class, I always call my mom or dad to talk about the day ahead. As I sit down for class, I tend to use my phone up until the moment my professor says the class is beginning. In class, I like to put my phone away because the constant buzz is very distracting as a student and disrespectful for the teacher. I normally have my phone sitting right next to me or in my hand at all other times of the day, but when i’m in class, I always put it away. After class, I will text my friends in our very active group message to see if they want to eat at the dining hall with me. When I am eating with friends, I always try to stay off my phone because I have always loved and believed in personal communication over technology. Lots of my friends, however, do not hesitate to have their phone out at the table, so I often have to say to them nicely to put it away. It is a constant struggle to ask people to get off their phone at the table because it is almost like I am eating alone when everyone is sucked into their social media. I tend to look at my phone the most when I am alone in my dorm room, procrastinating all the work I should be doing. But with my friends, I do personally try my best to get off my phone and enjoy face to face conversations. Every night before I go to bed, it is fun for me to check Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat stories or watch Netflix online. It relaxes me to lay there and scroll until my eyes get droopy. Social media and technology have their perks; it allows me to communicate with my family and friends in Texas and gives me access to knowledge and information at the click of a button. However, I do see the negative side of technology because it limits personal interactions and it makes people believe in the false reality that people are never really alone. After logging all the interactions I had with technology in one day, it showed me how I completely rely on its powers of communication and entertainment, but also how I know when it’s appropriate to use it and when it’s best to just hang up and hang out.





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